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Here at the MBC  we  have hosted a huge variety of different live bands, DJ's and events in the past and we plan to make our contribution to Chamonix's entertainment/nocturnal life even more exacting in the future. We have one of the biggest venues and stages Chamonix has to offer, with ambient stage lighting, high quality sound and an undiniably electric atmosphere. We even have our very own sound engineer and house DJ (Hobo Noise) at hand keeping the sonorous in perfect check to make sure your ears recieve the highest quality  we can capture from each live preformance. We've had everything from funk, jazz, soul and rock to electronic, hip hop  folk and pop, when it comes to music we do not discriminate....well, we might have to leave out the odd bit of death metal but we're down with most genres.  We've had bands from far and wide come to play for us & we only bring in top talent. We are the ultimate yingyang venue of Chamonix,  hardworking brewers, servers  & chef's by day party animals by night.  Keep an eye/ear out here for upcoming  MBC  events.

Phat lip are an MBC & regular local band who play originals & covers ranging from funk to pop, disco, groove, ,soul ,blues & other genres.

They are a 7 piece group with a big sound so expect a night full of electric atmosphere & all the musical feels. Come & see them and other great bands on our big stage & please keep an eye out on our face book page for upcoming mbc events.  

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Chez MBC, nous avons une grande scène pour des groupes de tous styles, du funk au folk, de l’éclectisme au moderne. Nous avons régulièrement des DJs et après le dîner, l'atmosphère peut devenir sauvage de temps en temps, le restaurant devient une piste de danse. Veuillez vous rendre sur notre page Facebook pour vous tenir au courant des événements et de la musique qui se déroulent au MBC.


At MBC we have a large stage for live bands of all different styles ranging from funk to folk , eclectic to modern. We have DJs on regularly & after dinner the atmosphere can get wild from time to time , the restaurant becomes a dance floor. Please go to our face book page to keep up to date with events & music happening at te MBC. 

Phat Lip are a local 7 piece band who preform at MBC monthly & bring you funk, soul disco covers & also original music. The band consists of two vocalists, keys, bass, guitar drum & BRASS. Expect a big sound with lots of different flavours. Keep up to date with Phatlip's gigs by clicking on the icon below which will take you to there facebook page. 

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